Reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry is a comprehensive and complex field within dentistry which is constantly evolving through research and development. As a dentist, you can further educate yourself with focused textbooks, current scientific publications, advanced training courses or congresses. In this way you will learn the theoretical background. However, back in your practice you will often realize that the theoretical knowledge you have acquired cannot be directly applied to your patient. A practical implementation concept is usually missing.

We offer you the optimal solution:

Clinical Guidelines

With just a few clicks, our platform offers you clinical guidelines focused on practical procedures for a wide range of reconstructive dental interventions.

Annotated videos
Step-by-step instructions

Annotated videos and illustrated step-by-step instructions help you to optimally prepare yourself for straightforward as well as complex treatments.

Optimal preparation

Documents listing instruments and materials help you and your team to accurately prepare each planned intervention.​

Checklist and flow-charts

Checklists and flow-charts help you not to forget anything during the treatment and to keep the overview.

Info sheets

Patient explanation- and information-sheets facilitate communication with your patients.

Self-confidence and quality

The optimal preparation before the intervention as well as checklists during the treatment increase your self-confidence and the quality of your treatments.

Most recent scientific evidence and long-standing clinical experience

The information on the platform is based on the most recent scientific evidence and on the long-standing clinical experience of the Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. When the scientific evidence changes, we revise our treatment guidelines and provide you with the latest version as soon as possible. In this way you will always be up to date and you can optimally and efficiently prepare yourself for all interventions.

Our platform

It is very important to us that you get the maximum profit out of our platform and learn as much as possible. For this reason, we believe that you, as a registered user, should have access to all documents on our platform.

(The only exceptions are the documents that we have produced specifically for the student education in our clinic).

You also have the possibility to actively influence the content of the platform. Improve the documents with your feedback or ask for a document that you are missing.

How can I limit my search?

You can limit your search by using filters. 

How do I discover new areas or documents?

If you want to look around on our platform to discover new areas or documents, our mind map will help you:

How does this map work?

Starting from the treatment phases, you can find documents on a more and more specific topic. Click on the point to expand the mind map or click on „View“ to see corresponding details.

Not convinced yet? 

Convince yourself with some free examples:

  • Step by step instruction:

    Learn how to perform a treatment of a maxillary anterior bone dehiscence defect with GBR (“L shape Technique”) and simultaneous implant placement​

  • Video tutorial: 

    Watch an educational video on how to perform a treatment of a maxillary anterior bone dehiscence defect with GBR (“L shape Technique”) and simultaneous implant placement 

  • Checklist:

    Cement a lithium-disilicate-reinforced glass ceramic crown without forgetting anything​

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